Dan's Learning Center
Tips For Living and Business

Finding honest information about living well and having your own business.

The internet is just overloaded with incomplete information.
Getting to the better resources to create a better life for yourself and family
is the objective of this website today.
Included here are real ways to start and maintain your own business weather
it be online or in a local area at home.

Our attempts here are to get the better programs and services that are available today.  We have spent 3 years looking at hundreds of programs and services that still make exaggerated promises and cost  more than they are worth in the name of getting you healthier or wealthier with no real effort.

Any comments and or suggestions that you have found are appreciated.
We are going to be looking at the following...

Healthy Lifestyles...

Dieting - Exercising - Attitudes - Habits - and more

Business Opportunities...

Business models - Marketing - Investment - Commitment - Reality of Business - Social Involvements

Real Places with Real information...

Blogs - Websites - Libraries - and others