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What’s The Best Form Of Alternative Energy?

What’s The Best Form Of Alternative Energy?

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In 2014, USA’s 99 nuclear reactors produced 798 billion kWh which accounts for over 19% of our total electrical output. So why does nuclear energy get such a bad rap?

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Renewable And Non-Renewable Energy Resources:

“All life on earth is sustained by energy from the sun. Plants and animals can store energy and some of this energy remains with them when they die. It is the remains of these ancient animals and plants that make up fossil fuels.”

How Much Of U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Associated With Electricity Generation?:

“Total U.S. energy-related emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the electric power sector in 2014 were 2,043 million metric tons, or about 38% of the total U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions of 5,404 million metric tons in 2014.”

Laboratory For Aviation And The Environment:

“Researchers from MIT’s Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment have come out with some sobering new data on air pollution’s impact on Americans’ health.”

Top 10 Facts About Nuclear Energy:

“Nuclear energy facilities in 31 states supply low-carbon electricity to one out of every five U.S. homes and businesses.”

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Alternative Energy – Ammonia As A Fuel (Katie 2 Minute Talk)

Alternative Energy – Ammonia As A Fuel (Katie 2 Minute Talk)

This young lady has the better idea for our fuel making processes. Listen to her 2 minute talk  and wonder why the great minds of this country have not made a system that will work for all of us.

Alternative Energy – Ammonia As A Fuel (Katie 2 Minute Talk)

About Going Green!

A lot of people want to live in an eco friendly house; you probably are one of them too right? Why? Well, this simple consideration is enough to help the earth because they want to embark recycling efforts for a much essential cause of being able to live in great harmony with the environment – eco living.

Eco living is all about living your life, as a person and as community, such that it’s sustainable and ideal for earth. In essence, living a greener life involves these principles:
Conserve energy
Conserve resources
Reduce waste
Reduce pollution as well as emission of hazardous substances to the environment
Protect the ecological balance of the earth along with the other living beings.


Well, as more and more nations are becoming affluent and developed, as more and more communities are embracing a culture of ‘consumerism’, and lots of industries take action to meet the demands for various services and goods though the process of mass production, it generally becomes inevitable that energy and resources are being utilized and used at tremendously rapid rates.
In addition to that, pollutants as well as harmful substances are being released to the environment, more and more materials are being discarded as nothing but wastes at extremely unsustainable rates. Because of this, because of the activities such as deforestation or mining in order to extract various resources from earth, and because of the pollution created from these processes, people have upset the earth’s ecological balance affecting the many plants and living creatures on earth.
The way that human race are living nowadays is definitely not sustainable. At the current rate that people are using the energy and different resources of the earth, they would possibly run out soon and worst, nothing would be left. And as people wiped away plant and animal species through irresponsible activities, soon there will be nothing left.
There are lots of things for you to do in order to live in an eco friendly home and have a greener lifestyle.
Aside from adopting the ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ principle, you can actually adopt various energy-saving practices. There are actually lots of energy efficient appliances and practices for you to adopt in order to make your home an energy efficient, green home.
Why don’t you help by reducing the pollution? Reduce the use of hazardous substances and chemical, and use eco-friendly home cleaners as well as other environment-friendly products for your everyday needs.
Help introduce more trees and plant in your environment and motivate others to make action as well. Grow a green garden with the use of green gardening practices. There are lots of things that you can consider to help build a greener environment – start from living green and living in an eco friendly home.

You may learn more here today.


Electricity from free energy sources around us is a technology that dates back to over a century ago, to the time of Nicola Tesla. Since then energy enthusiasts from all over the world have developed a variety of methods to generate free electricity. One of the popular devices used for generation of free energy uses TV and radio waves for the generation of electricity.

TV and radio waves are all around us all the time. Our radio, television, and cellular phones use these waves for their working. These waves are electromagnetic waves with long wavelengths. Although their primary purpose is transmission of signals, the electromagnetic energy present in these waves could be converted to electrical energy for use in our household.

With a few components that can be easily acquired, you could construct simple equipments that would illustrate the working principles of related free energy devices to you. First set up an antenna that is used to absorb the energy from these radio waves. This antenna could be connected to fixed and variable capacitors, resistors, inductors, and chokes in a specific manner, with some of the components grounded, to produce electric current. Several of such devices connected together could produce a large amount of electricity. The closer you are to a TV or radio broadcaster, the more powerful your signals will be, and the more the amount of electricity generated.

Just to illustrate the proof of concept, you could construct a far simple device, consisting of just an antenna connected to wires. The ends of the terminals produce electricity at a continuous rate. While you need other components to control and regulate the electric current generated, the simple device will demonstrate the concept of producing electricity from radio waves.

Yet another way to construct a device to harness energy from radio waves is using an antenna, connected to a series of diodes and a capacitor bank that is earthed. However, this experiment must be done with extreme caution or avoided altogether, as it presents a grave danger of electrocution to people around you.